45 Unbelievably Cool Products on Amazon You Never Knew You Needed

Published July 15, 2022
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We all know by now that Amazon is bursting at the seams with both everyday items and unusual finds, but sometimes it's hard to sort through it all to find the best products. From household items, beauty products, pet essentials, and more, there's a good chance you'll find it on Amazon. But what about those products you never knew existed but absolutely need? That's where we step in!

We scoured through Amazon to find 55 unbelievably cool products you never knew you needed, but not that you do; you can't live without. This includes a nifty dog water bottle you and your pooch with love, a comfortable pillow you can use in the bath, convenient little dots that quickly eliminate pesky pimples, and more. So what are you waiting for? Check out our list below to discover some of your new favorite products that'll quickly become staples.

The kids always seem to need papers stapled together, but we always run out of staples and I forget to buy more. This staple-free stapler is so smart because, duh, it doesn't use staples! It simply holds up to 5 pieces of paper together with a nifty special punch and saves you from buying more office supplies!


Not all sheets are made equal, and these sheets are proof of that! With over 127,000 reviews on Amazon, you can feel confident these will be the perfect fit for your bed. Each set comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcase and comes in seven colors to match your decor needs.

Sleeping on an air mattress has never been more comfortable than with this easy-to-inflate model. Watch as it blows up in less than two minutes with its built-in pump and enjoy sleeping on its triple-layer, puncture-resistant surface. This air mattress is perfect for campouts or breaking out for your kid's next sleepover.

Give your cutting boards a deep clean with this magnificent food-grade mineral oil. Use it to clean and protect your favorite cooking utensils, like knives and butcher blocks, and polish up wood and stainless steel surfaces. It's also colorless, odorless, and tasteless, so you won't have to worry about unwanted flavors in your food.


Sweep away any messes in your car using this mini vacuum. It has three attachments and a 16-foot cord to make cleaning up crumbs and dog hair in your backseat a breeze. Though tiny, this car vacuum is up for the messiest challenge your kids or dogs can throw its way.

Making fresh popcorn has never been easier than with this microwavable popcorn popper! Just pour popcorn kernels into the popper, add your favorite seasonings (butter, please!), and you'll have gourmet-style popcorn in minutes. When you're done popping, toss it in the dishwasher for an easy clean.

Make every day magical with this spellbinding cauldron soup mug perfect for any Harry Potter fan in your life. This ceramic mug includes a lid and spoon and holds up to 16 ounces at once. It's even microwave and dishwasher safe, making it both enchanting and convenient.


If you're tired of fooling around with inferior keychains, choose the best and forget the rest. This titan loop key chain made from industrial-grade flexible steel is virtually indestructible. The best part? It doubles as an iPhone charging cable!

Why is rice so hard for me to get right? It should be simple, but it's my nemesis. Until I got this microwave rice cooker that makes perfectly fluffy, just right rice every time. With this set, you'll get a two-liter cooking pot, a strainer to rinse your rice before cooking, a measuring cup, and a paddle for fluffing and serving.

It's so much more economical to buy ground meat instead of pre-formed patties, but tbh I hate touching raw meat. This 8-in-1 burger press makes quick work of the task by letting you press and stuff eight quarter pound patties at a time. The silicone is super easy to clean and can go right in the fridge or freezer if you're not grilling right away.


If you tend to sleep hot, this pillow is your match! This plush pillow is filled with gel fiber that keeps you cool and comfy as you drift off to sleep. Sleep well knowing these pillows are stain and fade-resistant, so you'll enjoy them for years to come.

To be comfortable and stylish, you don't need to spend a fortune, and these fantastic joggers prove that! With over 90,000 ratings on Amazon, these joggers are a fan favorite due to being luxuriously comfortable for a fraction of the price of other brand-name pants. They even include pockets and a high waistband, making them the perfect pants to wear no matter what your day holds.

One of the most annoying things when cooking is where to put your drippy, wet pot lid while you're cooking. This pot lid stand to the rescue! It securely holds your lid until you need to cover the pan again, has a convenient spoon rest on the other side, and is so easy to clean.


It's time to stop fearing pimples with these Dots for Spots that help heal and reduce redness caused by blemishes. When you notice a spot, place one of these hydrocolloid dots on for six or more hours, and be amazed at how well they work to remove gunk and redness. They're also vegan and free of fragrance, alcohol, parabens, and phthalates.

Get ready to be amazed after using this exfoliating foot peel mask. Simply slide the booties on your feet for an hour and watch as your feet become baby soft, thanks to the salicylic acid found in these foot masks. After wearing the foot mask, you'll notice callouses, cracked heels, and dry skin disappear in two weeks and enjoy silky soft feet that'll have your friends begging to know your secret.

VR headsets are the coolest, but they get toasty in a hurry! With these cooling masks, just add ice water and wear beneath your headset while you play. You'll get three masks, a funnel to easily fill them, and stickers to close the masks shut and prevent leaks.


Sometimes your skin needs extra help, especially when rashes, ringworm, or athlete's foot pop up. Luckily, this all-natural soap gently cleanses and deodorizes your skin to help take any itch or discomfort away and is safe to use daily. Along with its benefits, you'll enjoy its delightful scene of tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and peppermint oil.

Never deal with an empty lighter again with this USB rechargeable electric lighter. This wand-style lighteris great for lighting candles, fire pits, and grills and takes less than an hour to charge fully. It's also waterproof and flameless to help prevent unwanted accidents.

Who knew there were pillows made for the bath?! This awesome bathtub neck pillow provides all the comfort you need while taking a relaxing bath at home. Its air mesh fabric makes it both breathable and comfortable, and its non-slip design keeps the pillow in place to keep you at peace.


It's a bummer when the handle wears out but the tool is still in great working condition. Save money and be more eco-friendly when you use a Re-Grip replacement handle to fix your old stuff and keep it working longer! These fit on hand and garden tool handles and offer a comfy grip.

Clipping your nails has never been easier than using this set of two stainless steel and ergonomic nail clippers. This set comes with one fingernail and one toenail clipper that'll help you precisely cut your nails to avoid unwanted knicks and cuts. They even come with a travel pouch to safely store them in when not in use.

These heavy-duty storage straps will help you organize your garage or basement in a jiffy. This set includes six waterproof straps of various sizes, all made with tough polypropylene and designed using a hook and loop feature that holds up to 50 pounds. Use them indoors or outdoors to organize cords, yoga mats, tools, and more.


Never deal with tangled cords again when you have these cable clips around! These awesome cord holders stick to your desk and other hard surfaces to keep your cell phone and computer chargers separate and organized to avoid pesky tangles. Each pack has 16 holders in various sizes, ready to keep your home and electronics organized.

Upgrade your desk or countertops in a flash with this chic marble pattern. This sticky paper is 17.7-inches by 78-inches and is easy to cut and measure with a grid on the back. Use it on dressers, nightstands, countertops, and more to give your space a refresh without spending a ton.

You'll never want to take off these comfy and stylish lined slippers once you put them on. They're lined with a plush faux-fur and have an elastic strap, so you get the perfect fit. Even better, they offer fantastic arch support and are available in multiple color options, including black, grey, pink, and blue.


Journaling has never been easier than with this one-line-a-day memory book. Made with a handsome canvas cover, this journal allows you to write a sentence each day for five years to revisit thoughts and memories. Get it as a gift to yourself or for a friend or family member as a special graduation or birthday present they'll surely treasure.

Homemade pickles are pretty much the best, no cap. But they can be frustrating to make when you can't keep the veggies submerged in the delicious brine. Struggle no more with these weights that let you pickle without worrying about spoilage - I love that these have a convenient finger grip for easy removal when it's time to chow!

Virtual meetings are here to stay. Step up the lighting in your room with this LED video light that'll make your office have movie-set lighting. Simply clip it to the top of your laptop and monitor to get a professional touch. Whether you're filming a video for your blog or hopping on a work meeting, this adjustable light has a setting for the occasion.


Brewing up a delightfully tasty latte or matcha tea at home has never been easier than with this milk frother. When you're done, the stainless steel whisk is easy to clean using warm water and quickly ready for the next cup of java. This handheld frother comes in various colors, including black, hot pink, aqua, and white.

Let's face it: We all get sweaty throughout the day. Take away the shine using this oil control roller that'll fit perfectly in your car, purse, or gym bag. The roller uses volcanic stone to soak up excess oil and sweat, perfect for an afternoon refresh. The roller also provides a relaxing mini-massage to your face and can be washed and reused.

Don't skip the dip on your next road trip. Instead, get these handy dip clips you can easily attach to your car vent to enjoy your favorite condiment on the go. The Saucemoto fits packets of all kinds, including ketchup, barbeque sauce, and ranch, so you can pack on the flavor and avoid the mess.


This reusable laundry bag is the travel essential you've been missing. Keep your dirty clothes organized with this expandable bag that makes unpacking a breeze. This foldable bag features a drawstring closure and is machine washable to keep it in tip-top shape when you need it next.

Keep your dog hydrated on the go with this easy-to-use dog water bottle. This portable dog water bottle is designed to easily dispense water into the attached bowl by simply pressing the button in the middle, and when your pup is done, just pour the remaining water back into the bottle, so there's no waste.

Elevate your shower and clean your scalp with this soft shampoo brush that works with all hair types. This brush turns every shower into a spa experience by providing a relaxing massage while cleaning your scalp. Choose from nine colors, including purple, pink, blue, and yellow.


Mix up a delicious frozen treat for your dog with this Maple Bacon flavored canine ice cream. Just add water, mix, and freeze before dishing some up for your favorite pup. It's also available in other flavors, including birthday cake, peanut butter, carob, and vanilla.

Take some time away from screens with this fun-filled sticker book. This book comes with 12 dog-themed cardstock pages that can be proudly shown off on your refrigerator once completed. Enjoy sitting back and watching these bright and lively images come to life.

Armpits deserve self-care, too. Exfoliate and detox your pits with this coconut and charcoal underarm detox scrub. This is great to use if you're just starting your all-natural deodorant journey or when you feel like your pits need a deep cleanse to remove any buildup. It's also vegan and 100% cruelty-free, so you can feel good knowing no animals were harmed making this product.


To-do lists can be overwhelming. Make them more manageable with this to-do list that helps you break down your goals. This notepad includes 50 sheets and helps you break down tasks from the most important to the least pressing. With its bright colors and feel-good phrases, you'll feel like you have a friend cheering you on all day long.

This charming bulb planter is the perfect way to add some life to your desk. The clear glass bulb artfully showcases your plant in all its glory while creating a serene office environment. It also features an adorable bird decoration on the side, adding an elegant touch to the iron stand.

No one enjoys being jolted awake by a loud alarm clock. Ease into your mornings with this Wake Up Light Alarm Clock that brings the sunrise into your room. This alarm clock gently wakes you up by gradually increasing its brightness and includes seven color-changing light options to choose from.


Never have a bad hair day again with this one-step hair dryer and hot brush. Choose from three heat and speed settings and enjoy frizz-free hair even on the busiest mornings. It features ionic plus ceramic technology that helps prevent heat damage and airflow vents on the brush for faster drying time.

Keep your bedroom organized with this handy bedside shelf you can attach to your bed frame. Use this clip-on shelf to hold your cup, book, computer, or glasses while you enjoy working from the comforts of your bed. This shelf requires no tools to assemble and holds up to 15-pounds at once.

If you love a watercolor effect, then you need these brush pens. With 20 vibrant colors filled with vibrant watercolor ink, you'll easily create masterpieces with a simple brushstroke. Use these pens to create thick and thin lines with their flexible nylon tips. Each set comes with a refillable brush pen you can use to blend colors and gradients.


Like humans, dogs need mentally stimulating activities to keep them entertained and happy. This snuffle mat is the perfect way to keep your pup out of trouble while encouraging their natural foraging instincts. Use it for a fun activity or a new way to feed your pup if they need to slow down when eating.

This facial ice roller is a must-have item if you suffer from migraines or jaw pain. Keep it in your freezer and break it out to relieve pain, shrink pores, calm skin, and increase lymph circulation. It's also great to use to help ease discomfort from sunburn or decrease puffiness around your eyes.

45 Unbelievably Cool Products on Amazon You Never Knew You Needed