40 Cool & Unique Products You Have To Check Out This Month

Published July 8, 2022
We hope you enjoy the products we have selected for you. Our editorial team has independently curated this list, and you can find out more about our review process here. LoveToKnow may collect a commission on purchases made through the links below.

Some products just make you think, "now that's what I need!" From simple solutions such as slicing multiple small vegetables at once to collapsible travel bottles, we kept your daily needs in mind as we found those brilliant products. Perhaps you want budget-friendly products to have at a social gathering. We've found everything from floating light-up pool balls to a travel-ready ice tray and dispenser. Whatever your needs maybe, here are some of the coolest and most unique products to check out this month!

An all-in-one sheet set that looks expensive and is easy to upkeep. This six-piece set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and four pillowcases. The pieces are moisture-resistant, providing a comfortable and super soft feel with their microfiber material. This is a machine washable set, and the colors won't fade after washing. These are a great addition to your bedding or as a housewarming gift!


Treat yourself! Feel like you're staying at a luxurious hotel without the high cost, and get a great night's rest with these Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows. Sold as a pack of two with down alternative filling, these pillows are cooling and comfortable while you sleep. The pillows have a bounce-back construction, meaning they won't lose their shape as you move. Suitable for all back, stomach, and side sleepers!

This nail clipper set includes two clippers: one for fingernails and one for toenails. Made from stainless steel, these clippers are durable and easy to use to trim your nails and get those uncomfortable ingrowns. The clippers also have a built-in nail file so that you can take care of your nails with just one tool. I tend to misplace my nail clippers, so that's why I love that this set also comes with a pouch. Keep it with the rest of your toiletries, or pack it for travel.

This high-power small handheld car vacuum will help you meet your car cleaning needs. Not only does it clean up the crumbs and dirt on your mats and seats, but this vacuum set also comes with three heads: brush head, extension tube, and flathead hose. Use each different vacuum head to get those hard-to-reach spots in your vehicle. You can also use this vacuum to clean your kid's car seat, inner seat belt buckle area, and under the seats. You won't run out of charge since it comes with a 16-foot cord that hooks up to your car's 12V outlet. Store this vacuum and accessories in the included storage bag and keep it in your trunk.


It's important to be prepared, so consider adding these tactical flashlights to your home for daily use or an emergency kit. With LED lights, an anti-roll head feature, a zoomable light feature, and water and drop resistance, you can find comfort in knowing you're prepared for anything from walking your pet at night to a blackout. These come as a pack of two small flashlights with two holsters for storage in your home, bag, or backpack. A little flashlight with a lot of power!

Crafts 4 All is an acrylic paint set for both kids and adults. What makes this paint set stand out among the rest? It's super affordable with 24 packs of a variety of paint colors, and this acrylic set can be painted on more than just paper. Your family can paint on different surfaces, including wood, canvas, fabric, and ceramics. It also comes with three brushes to create those little details for the big ones!

Grab all of your outdoor cables, garden hoses, and equipment cables and organize them with these Easy-Carry Wrap-It Storage Straps. Each strap has a 7-inch adjustable Velcro strap with a heavy-duty handle so that you can sort each cable and easily carry it for your outdoor tasks. You can also use these straps to hold your garden hose, workout mat, and car cables. Hang these on your garage wall, or keep them in your trunk.


Catch up on your favorite book with the Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light. Perhaps you want to get that good read-in, but you're traveling, or you don't want to wake your partner fast asleep. I have two things to say to you. 1) Thanks for being so considerate! and 2) This LED neck reading light is the solution! It's rechargeable with a battery that can last from 6-12 hours on dim lighting and 12-20 hours on bright lighting. This reading light also folds, making it super travel-friendly, and can be kept in your purse or backpack.

This kitchen utensil rest by Zulay Kitchen Store is a kitchen essential! Spare yourself from needing to clean the spills of sauce, soup, and food scraps by placing this silicone rest and drip pad on your counter next to your stove. And don't worry about your cooking spoons, spatulas, and brushes mixing and touching on a messy drip pad. This kitchen rest provides an elevated and separated lift for your utensils to rest. It's budget-friendly, easy to clean, and a must for any kitchen!

Tired of smudgy, bleeding, colorful ink as you're trying to color-code or highlight important notes? Replace those old highlighters with Mr. Pen's No Bleed Gel Highlighters. This 16-piece set contains eight vibrant-colored highlighters and eight pastel-colored ones. These highlighters also have a space-saving feature and can be twisted to expand or shorten. Oh, AND Mr. Pen's Highlighters won't dry out if left uncapped. Great for studying, reading, journaling, and color-blocking your planner.


Tangled straight hair, curly hair, or dry hair? No problem with this glide-through detangling hairbrush by Crave Naturals. This brush can be used on dry or wet hair as it smoothly glides and works through those knots without causing breakage. This hairbrush doesn't cause those painful tugs since it has flexible bristles, so it's great for kids too!

Gather your eating utensils and place them into this Compact Cutlery Organizer Kitchen Drawer Tray by Joseph Joseph. No more hassling to find a spoon or fork with this organizer with eight slots to neatly store up to 48 utensils. It has a non-slip back, so it doesn't slide around when you open and close your kitchen drawer. Once you've organized your forks, spoons, and knives into this tray, you'll have more space to store other kitchen tools in your drawer!

I love this set of magnetic measuring spoons. This set has seven stainless-steel spoons with dual-ends. One side measures liquids such as honey, cooking oil, or sauce, while the other side can be used to measure seasonings, sugar, and baking soda. Each spoon is labeled with its appropriate measurement, and these spoons will lie flat in your drawer or kitchen counter. You won't have to worry about losing another measuring spoon with this magnetic set!


If you haven't heard of Genuine Fred yet, they make the best quirky home and office accessories. These olive erasers are no exception - they're so stinkin' cute! The set of three comes in a little can that looks just like the real thing.

Sick of ill-fitting, uncomfortable gardening gloves? Say no more, these Foxgloves Gardening Gloves stretch to fit like a second skin, are made of soft, water-resistant nylon, are breathable to nix the dreaded hand sweat, and have extra long cuffs to prevent scratches and keep dirt out. Plus they come in eight fashionable colors so they're the perfect little "thinking of you" gift for your fave gardener.

If you're trying to dry and style your hair, you'll soon find you don't have enough hands. Problem solved with this blow dryer holder that easily attaches to your wall and does the hard work for you! Now your hands are free to style, tousle, or round brush your way to a salon-quality blowout.


Like most people, we wash our sheets every week, but they're the bane of my laundry-doing existence. They tangle, trap clothes inside, and don't fully dry. These wad-free bedsheet detanglers are a total game-changer - they keep sheets tangle-free so things dry faster and sheets are 75% less wrinkled!

Calling a plumber every time you get a clog is not only inconvenient, it's hella expensive, too. Do your own dirty work with this Plumber's Hero gadget. The pressurized cannister has 20 uses to unclog anything from sinks to toilets.

Working from home, I put in long hours in front of the laptop every day, and I know all that sitting is bad news but I don't have the space or funds for a standing desk. Enter this Levit8 foldable standing desk that conveniently pops right on top of my existing desk so I can stand whenever I want, then folds down small for easy storage. No parts, no assembly needed, just open, cross, and twist!


The tops of washers and dryers provide an excellent place to fold laundry, but little things so easily fall behind and get lost to the sands of time! No more with this Haus Maus laundry guard. It adheres right onto the top of your machine and creates an instant barrier to keep laundry where it should be!

How adorbs are these Russian nesting doll measuring cups? Each half of the doll is labeled on the inside with measurements from 1 cup to 1/4 cup. These are super easy to clean, and they look so cute displayed on your counter, too!

I love silicone tea steepers for my loose leaf tea, but they can be so messy once you're done brewing. Until now! This Dreamfarm silicone tea steeper lets you scoop, brew, squeeze, and dry all in one handy design thanks to the built-in tongs and stand. No more mess and a gorgeous cuppa in minutes!


Need to touch up your glam but don't have enough light? Say no more. I've found this compact mirror with dimmable LED light. You can recharge this mirror to apply or refresh your makeup at any time of the day or night! This compact circular mirror is portable with its size similar to a credit card. It's easy to toss in your cosmetic bag, purse, or travel bag. It also has a magnifying feature to create every detail in your makeup look!

I can't begin to tell you how many times my phone, keys, and kid's little toys have fallen into the space between the car seats, doors, and console. Then, to stretch and squeeze my arm and hand into those narrow spaces? Forget about it! That's why I love this car gap filler by Drop Stop. It fills the space so you can focus more on driving versus reaching for your dropped object. This comes as a set of two gap fillers, a slide-free pad, and a light to keep in your car. Did I mention it was also on Shark Tank? It was on Shark Tank. Lori Greiner invested.

No more searching for your cable that's fallen somewhere behind your bed frame or even needing to reach down for it. This magnetic cable manager holds the top of your phone charger, USB cord, and laptop charger. This compact and weighted gadget also comes with three magnetic collars to put around your cables and have them look unified. This Smartish Cable Wrangler is great for your nightstand, desk, and end tables!


I always have to be sure to pack a specific shampoo for my color-treated hair, but obviously, I can't bring the whole shampoo bottle from home. These four travel bottles are perfect for packing toiletries, including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion. Most travel-size bottles come in one size. This set is collapsible, so you can fill the desired amount without overpacking. This travel bottle set also has a small spatula and small cream holder (ideal for eye cream). You can bring your favorite self-care products on vacation!

This is a stainless steel 3-in-1 Koozie! It has double-walled vacuum insulation. What does that mean? This Koozie will keep your canned and bottled drinks chilled and your hot beverages heated. It also means that your hand won't be damp from any condensation. The Koozie also comes with a removable lid so that you can turn it into a tumbler in no time. Use for your outdoor activities from picnics, barbeques, beach days, camping, sports events, and more!

Nope, it's not a tennis racket! This Zap It! Fly Swatter and Mosquito Zapper is an essential home gadget. No need to be swinging your arms vigorously anymore. This bug zapper will help you get those pesky flies and mosquitoes with a zap. Made with a safety mesh to prevent accidental zaps, this racket also has a light to help you get those pests day and night. There's also a safety switch to ensure safe storage when the racket is not in use. Keep this in your home, or bring it on outdoor adventures such as camping or hiking.


Oh, garlic. A great addition to cooking but a pain to peel! Instead of peeling garlic by hand and getting bits of it stuck under your fingernails, use this silicone garlic peeler. These kitchen gadgets come as a set of two roller tubes. The peeler is super user-friendly, too! Place the garlic clove inside the tube, then with pressure, roll the tube back and forth on your countertop, and tap out clean peeled garlic cloves. You'll spare your hands of the garlic odor with this peeler.

Alright, I think this kitchen tool was made for my family. We eat a lot of grapes and cherry tomatoes in our house. I'm usually slicing the fruits and veggies one by one. I've got a hungry toddler who needs the grapes cut in half, and the same goes for the cherry tomatoes. This slicer is perfect for cutting multiple food items at once. All you have to do is place the food into the clear tube, swipe the slicer down the tube, and you're done! It's great for slicing toppings for salads, pizzas, and pasta dishes. And yes, it's dishwasher safe!

This drawing tablet will keep your kids entertained and busy! This toddler-friendly tablet reveals different colors as they use the stylus to draw. It has low-key but important features, including a button to erase the art, lock the tablet, a replaceable battery, and it's waterproof. Kids can use it to create art, practice their skills, and leave notes. It's super slim and easy to bring on the go. Toss it in your bag or backpack to keep the kids occupied on the road. This LCD tablet also makes a great children's birthday gift!


Step up your party decor with these floating pool light-up balls! These come as a set of two battery-operated inflatable balls. Choose from 16 vibrant colors with a wireless remote to fit your party theme. Place these waterproof balls in the pool, fountain, garden, or grass. While the light-up ball's battery lasts up to 72 hours, there are extra batteries included so that you can keep having fun and entertaining. Great for a pool party, kid's birthday, wedding, or any special occasion!

While you're en route of travel, the chances are that your toothbrush is sitting in a case, a bit damp from the morning's use. Salvage and sterilize your toothbrush with this UV-C Sanitizer Case by Tao. It can accommodate most electric and manual toothbrushes to kill 99.99% of germs. This sanitizing case is wireless and battery-operated. It only takes four minutes to sanitize, so you can find comfort in knowing that you're cleaning your teeth with a clean toothbrush.

Ever wash your face and still feel like there's dirt or makeup on it? This soft silicone face cleaner and massager can help you achieve a satisfying wash. A pack of four manual face cleaners with soft silicone bristles will gently cleanse your face without causing irritation. Each face cleaner is flexible to follow the shape of your face as you remove the dirt, makeup, and bacteria. Easy to store in your bathroom or pack for vacation.


I can't believe I've gone this long without knowing about this cooking hack! These oven-safe silicone pans allow you to divide your veggies, meats, poultry, and baked goods without cross-contamination. Place each nonstick pan on a larger baking pan and put everything in the oven. You'll save time on cooking your meals with this bakeware set! When you're done, the pans can be placed in the dishwasher, then neatly stacked for storage.

I've seen these Swedish Dish Towels everywhere and decided to do more digging. These plant-based kitchen towels are washable and reusable. One of these reusable towels can replace up to 15 regular paper towels! It's practical and biodegradable, making these dish towels an environment-friendly alternative to paper towels. Just one towel can last up to one year, so you'll save money and be kind to the earth!

This heavy-duty mesh screen by Magic Mesh is perfect for when you want fresh air in your home without leaving your door wide open. A magnetic enclosure allows you, your family, guests, and furry friends to pass freely in and out of your home. It's great for when your hands are full (carrying food, tools, or things for the kids) because you don't have to open anything with this magnetic mesh screen. Install on the inside of your door frame with the included hook and loop strips (no tools required).


Check out these stylish sunglasses that are super lightweight and foldable! You won't have to squeeze a bulky sunglasses case into your bag or backpack anymore. The folding feature of these sunglasses means they take up much less space with their compact case. The lenses are polarized, protecting your eyes from UV rays, eliminating glare, reducing eye strain, and enhancing visual clarity. The large lens style of these shades makes them easy to pair with any outfit!

Time for a #danceparty! Whether you're hosting a party or the kids just want to have fun, this colorful light-up disco ball is a great addition. This rechargeable disco ball also comes with a Bluetooth speaker so that you can play your favorite songs for approximately three to five hours. You can select from different LED light color settings and even turn off the light setting if you just want to use this disco ball as a speaker.

This is an ice maker and dispenser in one cool tray. It makes 18 ice cubes in the watertight tray. No balancing act is necessary when bringing this tray from your sink to your freezer. You simply fill this tray as you would fill a water bottle. After letting the water freeze, you can distribute the ice cubes by squeezing the case. It's a more sanitary option versus grabbing the ice cubes with your hands, especially for outdoor gatherings. By the way, if you get multiple, they're stackable, so you can still maximize the space in your freezer!


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