45 of Our Absolute Favorite Finds on Amazon This Month

Published July 1, 2022
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If there's one thing we all love to do, it's shop online, and Amazon is a marvelous treasure trove of fun and useful things you never knew you needed! Some things, however, you definitely need - nobody ever has enough pairs of good nail clippers and we could all use an easy-to-apply sunscreen that only costs seconds out of our day. Keep reading for our list of favorite gadgets, necessities, and "ooo, what's that?" items that you've got to grab from Amazon this month.

We should all be wearing a lot more sunscreen - sun damage is cumulative, you know! But reapplying throughout the day can often be a huge hassle. This Supergoop! solution, though, makes it super simple. You can spray this highly effective SPF right on, and it won't upset that gorgeous eyeliner look.


Who can ever keep track of all the adapters and cords in the house? It's impossible! Make charging your tablets and phones so much easier with a USB-inclusive outlet. This one keeps your typical plug-in set up with two additional USB outlets to satisfy all of your charging needs.

No matter where in your home the cable situation has become the most dire - living room, home office, you name it - this helpful box is a stress-free solution. It offers plenty of room for everything from television remotes to power strips for a seamless classy fix.

We bet you've never seen dryer balls this cute. Not only do they help separate fabrics so that your dryer can do its job faster and more effectively, these little green buddies are made from durable silicone, so they're reusable for years!


Some things are just impossible to get clean: keyboards, air vents in cars, the list goes on. Enter this slimey little jar of goo. Not only does it mold to reach any otherwise unreachable corner, it sticks to even the tiniest dust particles to leave every surface crumb-free.

There's always something that breaks, bends, or blisters in such a way that you struggle to determine how in the world it can possibly be fixed. Well, you will find this putty is your new lifesaver. It molds to any shape and hardens within hours.

Forget scrambling through the bottom of the junk drawer for another ship slip. Just reseal the bag! These handy little gadgets can heat up the plastic and foil to help keep your Cheetos fresh for so much longer.


We can be honest here: how often do we really sanitize the things we touch every day? From jewelry to electronics (especially phones!), pop everything in this little box and let UV light do the hard part. You'll eliminate most germs and bacteria with little to no effort at all.

If you ever have trouble getting out of bed in the morning (and don't we all?), this is the clever little invention that is sure to get you moving first thing. This wheeled alarm clock with roll off the bedside table and away from you as it beeps - so you've got to get up and chase it to turn off the sound!

How many times have you found yourself wiping your glasses on the edge of your t-shirt or whatever restaurant napkin is handy? Too many. It's too many times. These travel-ready eyeglass cleaning wipes neatly fit into your pocket or bag to remove smudges and streaks on the go.


These sheets. I cannot say enough good things about these sheets. These are hotel-worthy, bury your body into them, never want to leave your bed amazing sheets. As soon as I tried them, I bought more for my daughter and a second set for me. You won't be disappointed with this highly-rated set.

When is the last time you replaced your pillows? I guarantee it was too long ago. Pillows need to be changed out at least every two years - more like once every year if you can! - in order to keep dust mites, allergens, and icky bacteria at bay. This one is not only exceptionally squishy and cozy, it comes in at a comfortable price point, too.

Nail clippers are one of those things that we don't always think about too often, but when you have a bad set, it's terribly annoying. These Harperton clippers, though, are super sturdy and super sharp, so that your manicure maintenence is quick, easy, and pinch-free.


Whether it's kids eating snacks or plants tipping soil or pets shedding fur, there are all number of scenarios that have a tendency to trash your car. Mitigate the level of mess by keeping this mini vacuum in your trunk! Easy to keep charged and even easier to help keep crumbs out of the cup holders.

You never seem to have a flashlight when you need one, right? Well, this set of two has come in awfully handy time and time again. I keep one in the glove compartment of my car (always handy) and the other by the front door for those late night dog walks. It's a heavy duty pair that you'll love having on hand.

Whether you're a total newbie or a painting pro, a great set of acrylics is a total necessity. With a full spectrum of bold and beautiful colors, this highly-pigmented selection will round out your existing collection or get you started with a new one!


Even if you've got a good system in place for coiling your cords, the particularly bulky ones can be a total pain to transport. This super strong strap, though, comes with a comfortable handle and heavy duty Velcro to ensure that you can easily carry anything you need to without issue.

If there's one thing I can't stand about clip-on reading lights, it's that I feel like I have to readjust it every several pages in order to get the light exactly where I want it! This nifty pick solves that problem with ease. Just put it around your neck, and the light will go wherever your head turns. Genius.

Especially if you're a whiz in the kitchen, it's always a good idea to have multiple cooking utensils on hand for a variety of needs. This spoon is for the pasta, that one is for the sauce, and so forth. This spoon rest easily catches them all without worry.


Whether you're the type who color codes absolutely everything in your planner or a student who is in constant need of a good highlighter, this set has exactly what you need. This 16-piece collection of beautifully colored highlighters doesn't bleed through paper (score!), and they can even be sharpened!

Getting through a tricky tangle can be time-consuming, frustrating, and painful. This detangling brush from Crave Naturals, though, makes easing through every last lock of hair quick, simple, and stress-free. It can be used wet or dry, and its durable design means you'll keep it on hand for years.

No one ever said, "I have too much room in my kitchen drawers." There is always something somebody struggles to find or some utensil that just does not have a place of its own! Skip all that headache and check out this genius pick: a drawer organizer that has room for every last fork, knife, spoon, and more.


I've always gotten frustrated with those little rings that are meant to keep measuring spoons together. I never bother putting my tablespoon back on its ring once it's clean again! With this set, you don't have to. Not only do they pull double-duty with their dual-headed design, they stick together with powerful magnets, so you can stop hunting through your kitchen drawer for that 1/3 teaspoon you almost never use.

I love filling up my water bottles with iced tea to keep me going all day. But the jar I make my tea in is totally not conducive to pouring without spilling. But then I found these silicone pour spouts that turn any liquid container into a pitcher! You'll get a pack of two for happy transferring without the mess.

I let my kids have way too much screen time while I'm working, but I think I found a new way to keep them busy for hours with nary an electronic in sight. This smart wooden puzzle is like an escape room in a box, with 72 laser-cut birch wood parts and can be used with one or two players! When they're done, it can be reassembled to play over and over again.


It's super annoying to have to turn electronic pages by hand, especially if you don't touch temperamental screens in just the right way. This remote control page turner gives you a more natural reading experience and works universally on Kindle readers and tablets. Handily, it charges by USB and lasts a long time before you need to recharge!

Once that new car smell wears off, things can get a lil' funky. This car oil diffuser keeps your ride smelling fresh, and you can customize the scent with your own special oil blend. It plugs right into your car and has two USB ports included so you can charge your devices while you enjoy a fresh scent.

Look, life gets busy and sometimes you gotta eat a meal in the car. This cup holder tray makes it so much more convenient because it easily holds all your food without the mess. And when it's not in use as a dinner tray, it holds all your stuff like devices, lip balm, spare change and more while still letting you use the cup holder for your drink.


Chicken legs and wings are delicious, yeah? But they can make a mess and be hard to grill since they're so small. This chicken leg wing rack lets you get perfectly cooked, crispy snacks every time and includes a drip tray to lessen the mess! It has 14 slots so you can make enough for a crowd or your very hungry self at once.

Like many others, I double purposed my dining room table into an office desk during the pandemic, and continue to work from home. The large surface area is great, but it offers no storage for all my bits and bobs. These strong under desk drawer organizers create instant space to keep clutter at bay and install simply using the inclued non-marking adhesive.

My mom suffers with carpal tunnel syndrome and limited hand strength, and this Pan Buddy has been a game changer in the kitchen. She can easily lift and transfer heavy pans to different burners to to the table with ease now, since this keeps her wrist in a natural position. It's also great for cast iron cookware since it keeps your hand away from the heat of the handle!


I use a backpack as a purse and it can be a nightmare trying to find anything in there. This Soi handbag light has made it so much easier to locate exactly what I need without wasting time digging around. It's motion activated and stays on for 10 seconds, which is plenty long enough to find that squirrely lip balm that's always hiding under stuff!

We (I) do a lot of laundry around here between two adults, two young kids, and a puppy. I've started buying the big economy-size detergents with the spouts, which are super convenient but constantly drip. This Tidy Cup laundry gadget contains spills and drips, and hold the detergent cup steady so even my kids can help without making another mess for me to clean up.

If I ever panic about anything, it's hurting myself in the kitchen. Banish that fear with at least one necessary task: cleaning your knives. This scrubbing brush is perfect for protecting your fingers as you wash your blades.


It can be so tough to find the right travel backpack, and this one is as close as I've ever come to utter perfection. There is room for everything, from tablets to laptops to waterbottles, and I love how the top opens so that you can see all the way down to the bottom. As an added bonus, an attached USB port connects a hidden power bank to any of your devices.

There is something almost transfixing about watching bread go slowly golden brown in the toaster, and this fun addition to your kitchen allows you to do just that through its little window! DASH is well-known for its great cookingware, and this toaster is no exception.

Want to add a touch of moodiness to a space without overhauling your interior design? Easy. This beautiful, egg-shaped lamp is fully adjustable, able to give off 16 vibrant colors at many levels of brightness.


I don't know about you, but I absolutely cannot stand the rubber resistance bands that curl up and cut into you every time you even look at them wrong. These fabric alternatives stay comfortably flat across your legs or arms, and they're just as stretchy!

Having a perpetually warm cup of coffee around all morning is the ultimate luxury, but popping back and forth to the microwave is definitely not. This $20 mug warmer, though, is an easy addition to any desk or end table so you can keep sipping and quit sprinting.

This has been making the rounds on TikTok, and it's honestly pretty genius. Tie your hair back AND have a safe spot to keep your smallest necessities at the same time? Magical. I use one at the gym to stash my rings before lifting.


If there's one thing I love, it's cuddling up comfortably at home on the couch. It's my favorite thing ever, and it's made all the better with these spectacularly fluffy joggers. Lined with fleecy sherpa goodness, this pair is the ultimate cozy must-have.

I get so annoyed every time I have to back a razor when I travel. It's just an annoying shape and size! This miniature one, though, takes up far less space with its much shorter handle, without sacrificing effectiveness.

Whether you are perpetually cold or you suffer from the occasional hand cramp (I sure do), having something to warm away the tension is crucial. I keep one of these little electronic hand warmers in my desk drawer for those moments when my fingers need a relaxing break.


Who doesn't immediately reach for an edge piece from a tray of brownies? It's hard to resist! This pan ensures that absolutely everyone gets one of those yummy edges with its fun, serpentine design.

It's the middle of the day, and your forehead is suddenly quite a bit shinier than it was this morning. This roller uses volcanic rock to easily soak up any excess oil (even over makeup), and even better, you can wash it to use again and again.

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45 of Our Absolute Favorite Finds on Amazon This Month