Heat Holders Down Blanket Review

Heat Holders Down Blanket

If you're looking for covers that will keep you comfortably warm at night throughout the winter, consider topping off your bed with a luxury down blanket from Heat Holders®. Filled with duck down and made from high quality cotton, this great-looking covering looks and feels more like a comforter than a traditional blanket. However, it really does a great job holding in the heat.

Down Blanket by Heat Holders

Known for its super-warm thermal socks and other cold weather accessories, Heat Holders also makes wonderful throws and blankets that can help you stay warm even when the temperatures dip quite low. I have been using one of their oversized throw blankets for the past several months, so I was really excited when the brand team offered me an opportunity to check out their luxury down blanket for review purposes.

Warm Results

This blanket is nothing like other down bedcovers I have tried. The ones I have used in the past are heavy and bulky, and can get uncomfortably warm after a while. That is not the case with this blanket at all. It is very lightweight - so much so that I questioned if it would do a good job keeping me warm at first. It only took using the blanket one time, though, to realize that it works very well.

Not only does this blanket keep me warm, it does a terrific job regulating body temperature. When I use this blanket, I don't wake up sweaty in the middle of the night, nor do I wake up freezing because I've kicked it off in my sleep. Instead, it seems to help keep the temperature 'just right' for sleeping. It is the filling (white duck down and fine feathers) that allows the blanket to do such a great job holding in heat without leading to excessive warmth.

Comfortable Feel

It also doesn't have the scratchy feel that many blankets have, because it's not made from wool or a synthetic fabric. Instead, it is crafted from 100% fine cotton cambric that has a 233 thread count. This is why it has a soft, smooth finish that gives it a comforter-like appearance and a wonderful feel.

Attractive Appearance

The blanket is just as attractive as it is functional. Its design features stitched squares and all four sides are outlined with a strip of satin edging. It comes in three lovely colors (chocolate, fawn, and ivory), so there is an option that will look great in the decor of any bedroom.

One Size Only

The one drawback is that it doesn't come in multiple sizes. The only size it comes in is 90 inches by 96 inches, which is roughly equivalent to a queen size blanket. However, it can be used on other size beds. I am actually using mine on a double bed. It works fine, but does drape to the floor on both sides and the bottom of the bed. It would also work fine on a king bed, as long as you top it with a king-size comforter or bedspread to give the bed a finished look.

Easy Care

This blanket is very easy to care for. It can be machine washed and dried, though this is not necessary very often. Instead, the company recommends shaking it regularly and taking it outdoors to air out a few times each year. As needed, you can spot clean it with warm water mixed with a liquid detergent. Just be sure to first shake the down away from the spot where you'll be applying the water solution. Allow the blanket to dry thoroughly before using it again.

Great Winter Bedding Option

If you're looking for low-maintenance wintertime bedding that looks great on your bed, keeps you warm, and is easy to care for, Heat Holders' luxury down blanket is a terrific product to try. Chances are that it will quickly become your favorite way to stay warm at night when the temperatures outside drop below freezing.

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Heat Holders Down Blanket Review