Kronos Standing Desk Review

Kronos Lift Standing Desk

If you're looking for an easy-to-use standing desk that is both serviceable and beautiful, you're sure to love the Kronos® 6752 model from BDi. The electronic sit-stand desk is incredibly easy to use, as you can switch from one position to another simply by pushing a button. If you like the idea of standing at your desk instead of sitting for at least part of each workday, you're sure to love this piece.

Kronos® 6752 Electronic Standing Desk Features

I have the good fortune of having been invited to review the Kronos® 6752 desk in my home office. It is absolutely the best desk I have ever used. It isn't my first experience with a standing desk, but it is by far the best. It is so much easier to use than a manual standing desk.

The ability to raise and lower the desk electronically is incredibly easy and surprisingly quiet. I change the position multiple times each day, and doing so seems to have an extremely positive impact on my productivity, as well as the way I feel (especially my lower back) at the end of the workday.

In addition to the key benefit of smooth and simple electronic raising and lowering, this desk has a number of wonderful features that make life easier for busy professionals who want a versatile workspace.


This is not a small desk, so you will need a fairly large space for it. The desk is 61-inches wide X 31-inches deep. It can be positioned against a wall or situated in the center of your office as a utilitarian focal point.


The desk has a very clean, sleek appearance. The desktop is made from high pressure laminate. The legs and desk surface are white and it has walnut accents (a combination of walnut veneer and actual walnut). Chances are that it will blend well with your existing office furniture. Or, for perfectly coordinated office décor, you can bring in additional pieces from BDi designed specifically to perfectly match the desk.

Mezzanine Shelf

The raised shelf along the back of the desk greatly increases its utility. The company refers to this feature as a "mezzanine shelf." It is raised four inches above the desk's surface, so there is room to tuck away mut-have accessories beneath the shelf, as well as place items on top of it.

  • My space is organized so that items like my stapler, paper clips, and sticky notes are situated beneath the shelf. This keeps them pushed back out of the work surface but within easy reach.
  • I have a banker's lamp, small hub, and phone charger on top of the shelf, along with a container that holds pens, markers and highlighters. This is the perfect spot for these items, as having them raised both enhances their utility and keeps the work surface from getting cluttered.


The desk also has a built-in fully lined drawer. It can hold your keyboard and/or store other items that you'd like to keep tucked away but easily accessible at a moment's notice.

Wire Management

As the desk is made for the modern office, its design incorporates wire management features. It is designed to allow you to tuck away a power strip out of sight, as well as to easily organize and tuck away the ever-increasing range of cables and wires that have become an important aspect of workplace equipment and communication devices. It even has built-in cable ties positioned in just the right spots.

Easy-to-Use Standing Desk

On any given day, I may spend 12 or more hours at my desk, doing everything from writing or editing to teaching webinars or attending online meetings. Being able to switch easily between sitting and standing makes each day go more smoothly and comfortably, no matter what tasks I am juggling.

I have used a non-electronic standing desk before, and found it to be a bit of a hassle. I loved the concept, but didn't like having to fuss with putting it up and putting it down. This desk takes away all the fuss, which is a wonderful benefit for anyone who, like me, spends many hours each day working on a computer or performing other duties behind a desk.

Simply put, the Kronos 6752 standing desk is a wonderful option for anyone who wants to reap the health benefits of a standing desk. If you're interested in checking it out for yourself, find a BDI retailer online or in your local area.

Note: The author received a complimentary desk from BDI for review purposes. The opinions in this independent product review are solely her own.

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Kronos Standing Desk Review