44 Little Things on Amazon That Solve Big Problems

Published October 3, 2022
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Great things come in small packages. Sometimes the tiniest gadgets solve the biggest problems, but how do you filter out the good from the bad? How do you discover the product you didn't even know you were looking for? You dig through Amazon. Amazon is filled with loads of enticing and helpful products, like a tool that makes it a breeze to french braid your hair or an inverted umbrella that'll keep you dry even on the windiest days.

We've scoured the internet and Amazon reviews to find an incredible variety of absolute must-have finds. A handy spoon rest that'll make it easy to keep your counters clean when cooking? A mini air purifier that keeps your room and office fresh so you can breathe easily? Among many other genius and mind-blowing little finds? Yes, please.

Anyone with kids (or tangles of their own) can appreciate the power of a good detangler, and Crave's detangling brush is at the top of the heap according to more than 60,000 Amazon reviewers. The Crave brush's unique, cone-shaped bristles work to gently separate hair, instead of tearing right through it. At barely more than $10, it's a low price to pay for many less tears (your kids', or your own).


Have you ever wondered to yourself how much easier your life would be if every drink in your fridge could just have a tap? (There's no way it's just me.) I have excellent news, friends: it's possible. Add Magic Tap to your milk, your orange juice, or hey, even your liquor of choice, and enjoy!

Anything that's known as a "Get Stuff Done" planner will always grab my attention, and this one sure knows what it's doing. With a durable leather cover and sturdy, bleed-free pages, this super-organizer leaves plenty of room for brainstormer and goal-setting as well as the necessary calendar layouts.

Angry Orange has taken their expertise in pet odor elimination (which, I can vouch, is incredible), and created this "Eliminati" - an odor-eliminating spray that's designed as an air freshener and stink-killer in one. Keep one in your bathroom to cover your tracks when company's over, or gift one to a loved one who could use it (Father's Day gift idea right here). More than 4,000 users are already singing Eliminati's praises.


Anyone looking to boost their metabolism, enhance their immune system, and raise their energy levels will appreciate this bottle of multivitamin goodness. Safe for kids as well as adults, it's super easy to add to a glass of juice or mix into a smoothie for an added dose of tasty vitamins and antioxidants.

Have you ever wondered how those artsy chalkboard cafe signs look SO good while anything you've ever sketched in chalk looks ragged or uneven? These markers are the secret. With the flow of a paint pen and the powdery finish of chalk, this colorful set is perfect for letting your creativity flourish.

There are few things more annoying than coming in from the rain only to have your umbrella leak all over the floor. The inverted design of this one, though, keeps water from dripping to the inside of it, and its curved handle allows you to safely hang it on your wrist so you can keep your hands free.


Foam rolling will change your life, and a vibrating roller does even more than a standard one. Not only does it apply pressure to the most aching, tight areas of your body, it comes with fully adjustable levels of vibration that trigger point tense muscles. Use this on high impact muscles like your calves, quads, and glutes.

You never realize how badly you need a really great flashlight until you don't have one. These compact, six-inch flashlights are super convenient to keep in any bag or glove compartment. They're also water-resistant and made from military-grade aluminum, so you can be sure they'll last for ages.



When is the last time you replaced the filter inside of your Keurig? The answer is "too long ago". These charcoal capsules fit every model of Keurig and use powerful, eco-friendly charcoal to filter out everything you definitely DON'T want in your morning cuppa.



If you're tired of letting your sponge sit in its own moisture (ew) for hours and even days on end, this sponge holder is the "why didn't I think of that?" solution. Keep your sponge standing upright to allow all of the water to seep through it to a handy little cup that you can throw in the dishwasher whenever you need to.

Spoon rests are one of those things that if you DON'T have one, you notice right away - where am I supposed to set down this batter-covered whisk?! This gorgeous pick seamlessly fits in with any kitchen aethetic and is safe to simply pop in the dishwasher when messy.

Picture it: it's finally warm enough outside to pull out that pair of sandals you've been dying to slide your feet into for weeks - maybe months! You're about to pull them on when... oh, no. You didn't realize how much dead skin was camped out on your heels! Put those woes to rest with a scrubber that gently and effectively buffs away any unsightly flakes and callouses.


No matter where you're at in your skincare journey, there is nothing in the world quite like a good facial, and this helpful peel brings that experience right to your bathroom. Glycolic acid chemically exfoliates and encourages collagen production for a smooth, supple feel, while lactic acid increases cell turnover so you can banish those pesky acne scars.

Okay, deodorant is just one of those things that we would love to see more natural options for, but it has to actually do its job! PiperWai seems to have cracked that magical code - not only did it make it past the Shark Tank lineup, it uses a highly effective (and lovely smelling) combination of activated charcoal and eleven therapeutic-grade essential oils that are gentle on sensitive skin.

You've heard of clay masks and you've heard of bubble masks, but did you realize that there are masks that are BOTH? I hadn't either, but this foaming pick is any acne sufferer's new best friend. The clay pulls impurities forward out of the skin and the foaming bubbles penetrate deep into the pores to clear out any oil or grime left behind. Can you say 'squeaky clean'?


Listen, finding the right mascara can be an honest-to-goodness lifelong quest. This one clumps, that one smudges, and yet another flakes off! Well, this cruelty-free pick puts all those woes to rest. It's water-resistant, volumizing, and at under $15 - a total steal! Your lashes will thank you.

No matter how often we wash, exfoliate, tone, you name it, those of us with naturally oily skin just can't seem to catch a break! That perfect contour moment looks divine the moment it's applied, and then within an hour, you're shiny again?! Ugh. This mattifying, powder-finish primer is the answer to all of our prayers. Not only does it reduce the appearance of pores, it will keep your skin looking satiny smooth all day long.

This super snazzy wallet is not only slim enough to slide right into virtually any size pocket, but it also keeps your cash secure with its helpful inner money clip. Available in a dozen color arrangements, this wallet is perfect for either keeping a smaller option handy or finally replacing that old Velcro wallet that's about to fall apart any day now...


Composting is a great way to dispose of food waste mindfully, but it can be a hassle to walk outside to the compost bin whenever you need to toss something in it. With this small kitchen counter compost bin, you can easily toss scraps in while cooking and throw them in the larger bin when convenient. Even better - it's designed with an airtight lid and charcoal filters to keep smells and flies away.

Let's be honest, how often do you move bananas around your kitchen because they're in the way? Now you don't have to with this excellent banana holder hook that makes it easy to eat healthily and keep your kitchen clean. Not only is it convenient, but it helps keep your bananas fresh longer by giving them constant airflow by hanging instead of sitting in a basket.

Save space in the kitchen with this small five-piece utensil set that includes all the essentials, like a grater, pizza cutter, bottle opener, and veggie peeler. This is great for college dorm rooms or apartments with little space. Store them on a keychain, stack them, or toss them in the provided burlap bag for when you need them next.


Removing an apple core can be tedious work. Make it fun and easy with this stainless steel apple corer that makes this task a breeze. It works on more than just apples, too. Use it for pears and bell peppers so you can get to snacking faster.

Air fryers make life so much easier, but sometimes, converting timings can be tricky. Take the guess work out of it with this fantastic magnetic cheat sheet. Stick it to your kitchen's fridge or any other easily accessible magnetic surface, and get cooking to your heart's delight.

Have you ever lost a screw while building a desk or cabinet? Never again with this superb magnetic wristband. This wristband is designed with ten magnets that can hold nails, screws, bolts, washers, and more. The fabric is breathable and lightweight, and one size fits most.


Do you have too many items on your nightstand? Free up some real estate with this night light that also works as a charger, Bluetooth speaker, lamp, and phone holder. The light has four brightness levels that go from bright to dim with just a touch. Its sleek and modern design is also sure to fit in almost any space.

Hand washing dishes can be a pain. This soap dispenser that also functions as a sponge holder makes it so much easier and way less messy. Just fill it with soap and keep it next to your sink for the next time you're cleaning up. It's also super easy to fill and holds 12.5 ounces at a time.

If you've ever tried to light a candle or bonfire outside, you'll appreciate this flameless lighter that withstands wind. This electric lighter recharges via a USB cord and is great indoors and outdoors, including in the kitchen, camping, or lighting candles. Not only is it versatile, but it comes in stylish colors like rose gold, sky blue, silver, and black.


This magical Pink Paste has over 128,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating on Amazon, so you know it has to be good! This multi-purpose cleaner is safe for metal, ceramics, wood, porcelain, marble, and more and removes pesky messes like grease, rust, and crayon marks. The powder is streak-free and won't scratch surfaces as it cleans.

I don't know about you, but I always make a mess cutting up an avocado. This nifty avocado slicer makes it easy to slice, remove the pit, and cut up the delicious avocado so you can spend more time eating and less time prepping. It's also top-rack dishwasher safe for even more convenience.

If your household always asks "who fed the dog?", you need this mountable feeding tracker so you'll never forget. It has slots for AM and PM feedings, so you know your canine is always taken care of. There are also versions available for cats, fish, and remembering to take pills!


Exfoliation is a vital step in self-care, and this boar bristle brush and massager is a top pick. This exfoliator includes nodules intermixed with the bristles to provide a soothing massage as you wipe away dry skin. It's also supposed to help with lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.

If French braiding isn't your natural talent, don't worry; these braid loops will help you achieve stylish braids in a jiffy. Each set comes with two large and two small tools, making it easy to get a perfect braid or ponytail whether you have thick or thin hair.

Are you tired of finding stubble scattered all over your bathroom counter? You're not alone. Luckily, this fantastic beard apron makes it easy to clean up after a shaving session in the bathroom. Just attach the top half around your neck and then suction the bottom half to the mirror for a brilliant hack that'll keep your bathroom niec and tidy.


Fake eyelashes can make any outfit pop, but sometimes they are a pain to apply. But these eyelash tweezers make the process easier so you won't fumble with your lashes, and you can precisely place them without issue. Use them to apply, adjust, or repair fake eyelashes, so you always look and feel your best without the stress.

This burger press ensures you make evenly-sized patties every time. It's made with a convenient, non-stick design and includes 100 wax paper sheets for added convenience. The burger press is compact enough to bring with you to a neighbor's barbecue or on a camping trip, so you'll always be ready to whip up juicy burgers.

Keep your Bluetooth headphones and case clean with this delightful multi-function pen that makes it easy to get grime and gunk out of small spots. It has a sponge, brush, and metal pen tip to get into tough-to-reach areas to make your devices look brand new again.


I love a good face mask, and this K-beauty-inspired collection is a must-have. Each comes in a tiny travel-sized container that makes them easy to stack and store on your shelf or beauty bag. Each mask also targets specific skin concerns, such as brightening, hydrating, or soothing, and include much-loved ingredients like hyaluronic acid, matcha green tea, and glycolic acid.

It's an irksome fact of life that ccrunchies and hair ties can go missing at an alarming rate. Keep yours organized with this wonderful scrunchie holder that includes extra storage space inside the tube for small accessories. The tube is 11-inches tall and holds anywhere from 20 to 30 large scrunchies at once. It's also useful as a watch stand!

Never let a work meeting or morning chores keep you from enjoying a warm cup of joe again. This coffee warmer will keep your java warm for up to four hours - and it automatically shuts off, so you don't have to worry about forgetting! Choose from three temperature settings, and take a moment to savor the day.


Dust and dirt are no match for this top-rated cleaning gel. Use it to clean your keyboard, car vents, air conditioner, calculator, and more, and enjoy the clean and citrusy lemon scent it leaves behind. You can use it repeatedly and won't leave your hands sticky afterward either.

If you're prone to eating at your desk, you need this device. This adorable mini vacuum will sweep up your messes so you can get back to working and scrolling. The USB rechargeable battery lasts up to ninety minutes and even cleans dust and crumbs from your keyboard.

Take a minute for yourself with these calming shower steamers that'll make the morning rush a serene experience. Each pack includes 15 essential oil-infused steamers with enticing scents like lavender, chamomile, tea tree, and a bright, citrusy blend. Just toss them in the shower away from the water stream and enjoy their lovely scent.


Breathe easier with this mini air purifier that filters out smoke, dust, pollen, and odors in small spaces. Place it in your bedroom, living room, or office and enjoy fresh, clean air. It also doubles as a nightlight and is made with low noise technology so that it won't keep you up at night.

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44 Little Things on Amazon That Solve Big Problems