Night Sweat Sleepwear Review

Daphne Chemise by Lusomé

Night sweats are a condition that plague many women, from those who are in perimenopause or menopause to expectant mothers or individuals who are undergoing treatment for cancer or certain other medical conditions. What you might not know is that there is a sleepwear line designed to help you combat the extreme discomfort and associated sleeplessness caused by night sweats. As I am no stranger to having my sleep interrupted due to night sweats, I was thrilled to have an opportunity to review a piece of sleepwear in the Lusomé line.

Lusomé Moisture Wicking Sleepwear

Lusomé founder and CEO Lara Little began her company in 2012 with the specific intent of creating a line of sleepwear that would provide relief to women who suffer from night sweats. Financial Post reports that the fashion industry executive "saw a unique opportunity" for the line after her sister begin experiencing night sweats following a breast cancer diagnosis. The full line is designed to be beautiful while also providing relief from night sweats.

Each item in the Lusomé line is made from fabric that includes Xirotex™, which has "moisture-moving technology" that "accelerates evaporation for instant comfort." Somewhat similar to moisture-wicking fabric used in high-end athletic apparel, the fabric used in this sleepwear line actually "draws perspiration and bacteria away from the body."

My Experience

I have been wearing the Daphne chemise in they newly introduced (Fall 2017) Lusomé Everyday line (which is a bit more budget-friendly than the original Luxe line) for about a month. The gown is very comfortable, and it is also attractive in appearance. It looks nice enough that I might have purchased it even without knowing about its moisture-moving design.

I have not experienced lost sleep due to night sweats at all when wearing the nightgown, which is a definite plus. While I can't swear that it is solely due to the gown, I can say that it is unusual for me to go this long without experiencing night sweats. It gets my vote as a great option for women seeking relief from this all-too-common problem.


There are eight styles in the Lusomé Everyday line, including short and long sleeve gown styles as well as pajama tops and bottoms (shorts and long pants). Prices range from just under $40 to just under $80 per piece.

The Luxe line has even more selections, ranging in cost from $64 to $120. The company even offers a few sleepwear pieces for men who find the idea of moisture-moving fabric to be appealing.

The sleepwear collection can be purchased from the company's website, as well as from a variety of retailers throughout the United States and Canada.

Company Perspective

The Everyday line was introduced to make this appealing sleepwear line accessible to more women who are looking for relief from night sweats. "Women are searching for quality and value. Lusomé Everyday offers affordable prices without compromising quality or design while delivering relief from night sweats for every woman," stated Lara Little, founder and CEO, Lusomé.

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Night Sweat Sleepwear Review