Straight From the Root Sous Vide Vegetables Review

Straight From the Root Selection

If you are looking for an easy way to incorporate fresh, organic vegetables into your diet, Straight From the Root's sous vide veggies just might be the answer you have been searching for. Available for home delivery throughout the U.S. or for in-store purchase in certain regions, this brand offers top quality pre-cooked vegetables prepared without any preservatives or additives.

The Straight From the Root Difference

Prepared using the French sous vide cooking technique, Straight From the Root's veggies can be eaten cold, directly from the package or heated in the microwave or boiling water for 90 seconds. This makes them a great choice for all kinds of meals - from last-minute weeknight dinners, healthy workplace lunches, or more formal occasions. Because they are shrink-wrapped and don't have to be heated prior to serving, they're also a great option for picnics or healthy eating on-the-go for those who travel or commute.

Sous vide preparation involves "a sealed, water-immersion method" that keeps in the natural flavor and nutritional value of the vegetables. This is not the case with other cooking methods - when you boil or steam veggies, for example, up to 30% of their nutritional value can be lost. With this technique, the vegetables are cooked in their own juices (not in water or fat), so they have an intense flavor that is quite different from veggies prepared using other methods.

Vegetable Options

Most of the veggies Available from Straight From the Root are, in fact root vegetables. I have tried all the varieties and really like all of them. They offer:

Straight From the Root Carrots
  • Baby carrots (whole): These are a great item to have on hand for meals and snacks. They are crispy enough to enjoy with your favorite dip recipe, yet are also perfect for a side dish. They add a bit of an elegant presentation to the plate as well.
  • Sweet potatoes (whole): The sweet potatoes are probably my favorite, because they solve a long-time problem of mine. I can't stand the sweet flavorings that are usually added to sweet potatoes. It's great to have access to pre-cooked sweet potato cubes that don't have sugar or some kind of syrup on them.
  • Beets (cubed): The beets have a very unique and complex flavor. They taste completely different from the sliced beets that are often found on salad bars. They taste great hot or cold, and are a great option to take to potluck dinners.
  • Butternut squash (cubed): I love butternut squash but don't generally prepare it very often because it takes a long time to cook and I find the preparation a bit of a hassle. Plus, no one else in my house eats them. It's great to have a right-sized portion to enjoy that doesn't require a lot of prep work.
  • Baby potatoes (whole): I love having this in the refrigerator, because my husband is a meat-and-potatoes type. It's great to have healthfully prepared pre-cooked potatoes on hand to add to any meal.

Fresh and Long-Lasting

While you don't usually think of fresh veggies being long-lasting, that is the case with Straight From the Root. Assuming that you keep them refrigerated (which you should), these uniquely prepared vegetables will last for 45 days even though they are preservative-free. This is due to the sous vide cooking process, which seals them from exposure to oxygen immediately prior to cooking. Additionally, all Straight From the Root vegetables are non-GMO produce. They are cooked fresh, which means they have never been frozen.

Where to Find

Ready to try these healthful, pre-cooked veggies for yourself? Check the store locator on the company's website to find a retailer near you or place an online order for home delivery.

Note: The author received free samples from Straight From the Root to test for this independent product review. The opinions presented here are hers alone.

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Straight From the Root Sous Vide Vegetables Review