Teleflora Floral Arrangement Review

teleflora holiday bouquet

Teleflora has a wide range of holiday bouquets that are ready to send to anyone on your list, near or far. These special bouquets come with a little something extra that will last long after the flowers themselves are just a fond memory.

Teleflora's Classic Pearl Ornament

I was sent an arrangement at no cost from my local Teleflora florist for review purposes. The one I chose is the Classic Pearl Ornament, which comes in a pearlized keepsake jar with a lid.

The flowers arrived expertly wrapped against the cold, with the box snuggly packed in cardboard and the flowers covered with clear plastic. The first thing I noticed when I opened it was the scent - initially it was pine and then the classic rose scent snuck up behind it. The flowers were gorgeous - fresh and colorful. The colors are of course classic Christmas shades.

The ornament jar is really pretty, with a Christmas tree motif on the front studded with little "gemstones."

The standout elements of the bouquet itself are:

  • Red roses
  • Red carnations
  • Pine sprigs
  • Pinecones
  • Pearlized orb picks,

And of course, the lid for the jar becomes part of the display. There are other springs and greenery as well, making for a truly festive arrangement.

The only potential downside is the price, as these seasonal arrangements can get expensive fairly quickly. This one starts at $59.95 for the one I received, and you can size it up to a premium version for $79.95. Once you add in delivery fees, it can be pricey.

Long-Lasting Holiday Beauty

One thing that I really wanted to see was how long this bouquet would remain as lovely as it was when it arrived. After nearly a week, there is only a little bit of darkening on the edges of one of the rose petals near the top:

teleflora one week later

I've been enjoying these flowers all week long, and they still smell great too. If you are considering sending flowers to someone this holiday season or are looking for a fantastic host/hostess gift, consider this or one of Teleflora's other seasonal offerings.

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Teleflora Floral Arrangement Review