Thermal Socks Review

Heat Holders Lite Twist Socks

When the temperatures start to turn chilly, not much feels better than soft and fluffy thermal socks that do a great job keeping your feet warm. That's why I was thrilled when the Heat Holders® team sent me a pair of their thermal socks to try. It only took a few seconds of wearing them to figure out that there is a good reason why the company promotes this product as "the warmest thermal sock."

Staying Warm With Heat Holders® Thermal Socks

Heat Holders® offers an extensive selection of thermal socks, with styles designed for women, men and children. They are available in a variety of lengths, ranging from ankle socks to knee-length 'long' styles.

For this product review, I checked out their Ladies Twist LITE™ style. These socks are extremely warm, which is exactly what you want in a thermal style. The inside of these socks is soft and fuzzy/fluffy, providing what I would describe as a soothing, comforting feel. They are just right for chilly and cold weather wear, and they do not have even the slightest hint of a scratchy feel.

While I have worn them with shoes a few times, my favorite use for these socks is just to wear them around the house without shoes, in place of slippers. I am not a fan of slippers, but I also don't like cold feet. With my hardwood and split brick floors, running around the house barefoot in the winter isn't really a good option. Neither is replacing the floors with carpet, as I have three large dogs. These socks are a great alternative.

My home office has hardwood floors, so I often wear these socks when I am working from home (like right now!). Whether I am sitting at the computer or curling up on the sofa with a good book or to watch TV, these socks really help ward off the unpleasantness of chilly feet.

These socks are fairly thick, which is actually what I love about them. If you plan to wear them with shoes, you may need to purchase shoes slightly larger than what you ordinarily wear. Instead of doing that, I will be purchasing a pair of their Ultra Lite™ style to wear with shoes. This style is a bit lighter-weight, and so they are better suited to wear with hiking boots and shoes purchased to fit properly when wearing traditional socks.

Unique Manufacturing Process

These are not the first thermal socks I have tried, but they are (by far!) the best ones I have worn. I am not the only one who thinks so - even Snowshoe Magazine brags about the quality and warmth of these thermal socks.

Due to a unique manufacturing process, these socks really are different - and warmer - than other products that purport to provide thermal warmth. They are manufactured using a multi-stage process that produces unique material that holds in a significant amount of warm air. This process involves "incorporating a high-quality acrylic yarn mix with an incredibly soft, cashmere-like feel, a special long looped pile and finally an intense brushing process."

Beyond Socks With Heat Holders®

Thermal socks aren't the only Heat Holders® item you may want to check out if you are looking for ways to stay warm this winter. I recently reviewed their Thermal Oversized Throw/Blanket, which is a perfect choice for keeping warm all over on chilly winter evenings. Their thermal underwear are also great for keeping warm during outdoor activities. I often wear them during hiking, kayaking and motorcycle riding adventures. They also have a nice selection of hats and gloves. I have not yet tried them, but look forward to doing so in the future!

Note: The author received a few Heat Holders products at no cost for this independent product review. The opinions are those of the author.

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Thermal Socks Review