Best Channel Direct Shopping TV

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Shop from the comfort of your couch with the best channels direct shopping TV.

1. Home Shopping Network (HSN)

HSN was one of the channels that started it all. In 1982, long before satellite television and digital cable would broadcast it to millions of households, it started on a local Florida station. The channel offers a wide variety of products including fashion, jewelry, home décor, and electronics. HSN also stocks top brands like Sephora, Bissell, Singer, Skechers, and more. Available 24 hours a day, viewers need never be without a shopping fix.

Website: Home Shopping Network (HSN)

2. QVC

QVC is another pioneer in the world of the best channels direct shopping TV. The channel airs around the clock, selling clothing, health and beauty supplies, jewelry, and everything you need to stock and decorate your home. Customers can enjoy name-brand products from Sleep Number Bed, KitchenAid, Dell, and Proactiv Solution, just to name a few.

Website: QVC

3. GemsTV

While all-purpose networks are a great home shopping resource, sometimes you want the services of a specialist. GemsTV focuses on gemstone jewelry. The channel also offers a unique reverse auction process. Each piece of jewelry is available in a limited quantity, but the price steadily drops the longer it's for sale. Do you buy quickly to make sure no one else snatches it up, or do you hold out for a lower price? This game-like aspect and the quick turnover in products make for an entertaining shopping experience.

Website: GemsTV

4. ShopNBC

Despite its name, ShopNBC isn't dedicated to selling products from NBC shows; it's actually a general shopping network. A series of special collections allows the network to offer shoppers exclusive designs from big names in fashion and jewelry.

Website: ShopNBC

5. Direct Shopping Network

Direct Shopping Network is another channel specializing in fine jewelry. The company calls on suppliers around the globe to sell fine gems at competitive prices.

Website: Direct Shopping Network

6. America's Auction Network

America's Auction Network is an old-fashioned auction, complete with on-air auctioneer, selling jewelry, collectible currency, and art. The network lacks the polish of some of the other best channels direct shopping TV, but its unique set-up fills a niche not fully explored by other channels.

Website: America's Auction Network

Best Channel Direct Shopping TV