Best Dance Songs Ever

Group of friends dancing

There are endless songs played at clubs and events that get people out on the dance floor, but only a few can claim to be the best dance songs ever. These songs have survived through the years and keep people dancing to their beat. They are catchy, fun to dance to, and can help you get the party going!

1. Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees

Staying' Alive is not only fun to dance to, but it's catchy to sing along with as well. It was released in 1977 and was part of the Saturday Night Fever album. It has remained popular ever since and is a dancing favorite at clubs and events.

2. I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

An anthem of strength for the hearbroken and those thriving against all odds, this song has been popular since it came out in 1978. It made Billboard's Hot 100 and won the 1980 Grammy Award for Best Disco Recording.

3. Vogue by Madonna

Vogue topped Billboard's top 100 thrice in 1990, but it was in clubs and at parties that this song took off. The beat is catchy, and the glamorous hand gestures and body poses are easy to replicate at will. It's a winner on every dance floor!

4. The Hustle by Van McCoy

The Hustle made it to the top five of Billboard's 20 Popular Line Dances of all time. In 1975 it topped Billboard's charts, and it even won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance. This popular song from the disco era still gets people dancing today.

bride and groom dancing at wedding

5. Last Dance by Donna Summers

Last Dance is a timeless hit by the Queen of Disco. This Grammy Award-winning, Billboard-ranking song is not only fun to dance to, but is a fabulous way to end a night of dancing.

6. YMCA by the Village People

The Village People created a sensation with this song. DJ's all over know an event is not not complete without dancing to YMCA. This song is fun to dance to and the letter-making motions to this song are easy to do, even for children!

7. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) by C&C Music Factory

Released in 1990, Gonna Make You Sweat reached stardom in no time. It topped several Billboard charts and became a favorite of dancers all over. Its house grooves are perfect to turn the crowd.

Friends dancing on a rooftop

8. Thriller by Michael Jackson

Thriller by Michael Jackson is ranked number one on Billboard's most popular line dances. Of course the King of Pop has plenty of dance hits to rock the dance floor with, but Thriller is an all time favorite of young and old.

9. Oppa Gangnam Style by Psy

Oppa Gangnam Style is also a high ranker on Billboard's line dance recommendations. The hilarious video by South Korea's Psy, the super fun catchy beat, and the easy-to- follow horse dance makes this song a must in the dance floor.

10. Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

Known for their cheeky songs with dancing inducing beats LMFAO has produced numerous dancing hits. Their Party Rock Anthem ranks number five on Billboard's Greatest of All Time singles and its a winner in the dance floor.

11. Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

While Bruno Mars has an extensive collection of fabulous hits. Uptown Funk is a true winner at the dance floor. After all, it is certified Platinum and a Grammy Award winner.

12. Single Ladies by Beyonce

No woman or man can resist doing the Single Ladies hand and step dance. The award winning song is catchy, empowering and so much fun to dance. No wonder it is a top favorite on the dance floor.

Best Dance Songs Ever