Best PDA Software

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The best PDA software helps you get the most from your PDA. The following programs can increase productivity and augment the capabilities of your current device setup.

1. Sprite Backup

PDABuzz gave Sprite Backup, a PDA data backup program, an A grade, easily placing it among the best PDA software. In testing, the reviewer was impressed with the program's easy and fast operation and the ability to schedule regular backups. The review also made note of the program's advanced settings; users can stick with standard "Backup" and "Restore" buttons, or they can customize the type of data saved, the saving location, and more.

Website: Sprite Backup

Price: $29.95

2. Documents To Go

Documents To Go allows users to easily work with Microsoft Office documents, PDF files, emails, and photos on both their PDAs and their PCs. An earlier version of the program received an 8 out of 10 on, with the reviewer urging "don't leave home without Documents To Go." PC World gave the latest edition of Documents To Go a "good" rating. While the reviewer touted the usefulness of the program, his main complaint was that it wasn't necessarily worth upgrading from an earlier version for the few changes Premium Edition 9 offers.

Website: Documents To Go

Price: $29.99

3. CoPilot Live

CoPilot Live offers turn-by-turn driving directions through GPS capabilities. gave CoPilot Live an 8.3 out of 10, saying, "For turn-by-turn directions, GPS mapping doesn't get much easier than this." The reviewer found this PDA software simple to use with accurate, easy-to-follow directions.

Website: CoPilot Live

Price: $149 for software only, $249 for software and GPS receiver

4. StyleTap

StyleTap is a Palm OS emulator, allowing Pocket PC users to run Palm OS programming. A PDAStreet review gave the program mixed marks. It was able to run four out of six tested programs, although there were limitations to the display, and the program won't work with Bluetooth and syncing devices. However, for those dedicated Windows-based PDA users who are interested in running titles only available for the Palm OS, it's an essential program.

Website: StyleTap

Price: $49.95

5. PocketWeather

PocketWeather brings the latest weather reports straight to your PDA. PDABuzz gave the program an A- grade, noting the clean display and small update downloads that don't interfere with other work.

Website: PocketWeather

Price: $9.95

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Best PDA Software