Best Short Jokes Ever

Best Short Jokes Ever

Short witty stories and one liners are easy to remember and popular enough to make it to the top of the charts on sites like The Jokes and Clean, where you'll find the best short jokes ever. These epigrams are used to break the ice at many occasions and can be found on just about any subject. The following list includes some of the all-time best.

1. Doctor Laughs

Poking fun at doctors has been around as long as there have been doctors. Doctor jests can be found at: Profession Jokes and Business Jokes.

2. Blonde Shorts

Blonde shorts are based on dumb blonde stereotypes and most often fall into one of two categories. Either the blonde lands herself in a foolish or dangerous situation or she misunderstands the intent of specific words which are key to the humor. Either way, the punch line catches the listener unaware with a good laugh. Comedy Zone provides a large selection of the blonde best short jokes ever.

3. Best Golf witticisms

What are 10 things in golf that sound dirty? If you want to know, check out Joke, where along with the best golf shorts to make you laugh they present new quips, cartoons, funny photos and videos and give you a chance to tell your own comedic epigrams.

4. Stupid Criminal Quips

Some of the best humor of all time includes stupid criminal jokes. Much like blonde shorts, these witty scenarios poke fun at dimwitted criminals who bungle their caper. Check out a list of the best at SWCBC.

5. Poking Fun at Lawyers

Everyone loves a good laugh at a lawyer's expense. The Top 10 Jokes List at Jokes Duninya lists a clever lawyer funny in the #1 spot.

6. Redneck Funnies

Jeff Foxworthy has made a career out of defining redneck comedy. Laughing at rednecks remains popular year after year. If you're looking for a good laugh, the number one redneck short at Laugh is "3 ways to know a redneck was on your computer." It's one of the best shorts ever.

7. Comical Animal Shorts

Funny Fidos lists some of the best "You know you're a dog person if…" dog quips.

8. Laughing at Sex

Sex jokes are among the all-time best humorous shorts. Today, these witty stories designed to make you laugh include Viagra jokes, comedic situations about males and and others that poke fun at females.

9. Halloween Best Funny Shorts Ever

Clean offers a list of the Top 10 Short Halloween Jokes where number one asks, "Why do mummies have a hard time keeping friends?" You'll have to check out their website to learn the answer.

Best Short Jokes Ever