What is the Best Site for Football Gossip and Rumors

NFL Football Information
NFL Football Information

If you like to follow the lives and games of your favorite football stars like some people follow the every move of Hollywood stars, you're probably wondering, "What is the best site for football gossip and rumors?"

You can find gossip and rumors at a wide variety of sites. There are sites that offer forums with threads for many different teams and others that mix the players in with the Hollywood rumors. Some allow users to discuss stories outright and others are run by a single blogger or handful of bloggers whose posts receive comments from visitors. Whether you're interested in pigskin picks or soccer, known in most of the world as "football", you can find communities devoted to these sports.

No matter how juicy the stories, keep in mind that these sites are gossip and rumors-not necessarily truth.

1. Fantasy Football Café

Fantasy Football Café has a forum that is absolutely filled with people making their projections for the upcoming season and discussing the best and worst teams and players. Though it's designed around fantasy football, you'll find fresh information about the newest injuries, who's benched, who's playing, and more. There are so many threads, you're bound to find one that will catch your interest.

Website: Fantasy Football Café

2. The BBC

This site has daily snippets of football gossip, so you'll get the freshest information. Want to know who's probably being transferred? You'll find it here.

Website: The BBC

3. Football.co.uk

Here is another site that is "for fans, by fans." You can get the latest information about player injuries and specific leagues, including both men's and women's. Got a question? Ask. When others have heard a rumor from another site, they're sure to pass the information along to you.

Website: Football.co.uk

4. Sports Line

This site has NFL rumors, and you're likely to find a thread about just your favorite team. The forums are divided up by team so rumors and gossip are easy to find. Some posts will be off topic under the "Talk Back" section (for example, talking about politics), but you'll also see threads like, "Which coach will be fired first?" So what is the best site for football gossip and rumors? It's probably not this one due to the lack of complete focus, but it definitely deserves to be highly ranked.

Website: Sports Line

5. Perez Hilton

This site gets personal. You'll see pictures and funny quips featuring your favorite (or least favorite!) football stars. However, you'll have to sift through all the other celebrities to find the football-related ones, but this is one of the top gossip sites online today. However, Perez Hilton is last on this list because it isn't solely focused on football.

Website: Perez Hilton

6. Caught Offside

This site covers rumors about the Premier English League and more. This site was featured on News Now, the UK's number one news portal. This site is written by a group of contributors, so you'll get more information from more points of view-including transfer rumors and football gossip.

Website: Caught Offside

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What is the Best Site for Football Gossip and Rumors